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After script generated you can execute it from IBConsole or any other admin tool to build actual Interbase or Firebird database.See examples of BDE(d Base and Paradox) to Interbase BDEto (BDEto IB.zip) and ADO (MSSQL) to Interbase MSSQLto (MSSQLto ) conversions.Source tables will be sorted in alphabetical order and destination tables will be sorted in order which they depend from each other (this is based on analysis of the referential constraints between tables - if there's no referential constraints in database then tables will be in alphabetical order too).

Of course, you always can set up relations in manual mode using drag&drop: Advanced SQL editor will help you to build and test SQL statements.

After you done with editing click 'Save' button and newly created SQL statement will appear as a table in source panel.

Commit every xxx records - determine how to commit data.

Very large or very small number can significant decrease speed of pump process. Constrains which have a loop - some Interbase/Firebird destination tables can have loops (table have link to itself or cycle loops).

Click on 'Build Relations' to build relations in automatic mode.

In this case relation will be build based on name comparison.For destination database information about referential constraints and field relations also will be available.In case if you getting any error messages during this process this most likely means that your ADO/BDE Now then you have all information it is time to set relations between tables and fields for source and destination databases.To define autoincremental fields manually please use special dialog.Select tables and fields which should be treated as Auto Inc fields.You need to select source and destination databases first.

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