Top dating site in norway

If you’re in Sweden for a longer haul, it might be worth checking out the swedish language sites.

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Next up is a local dating site, Motesplatsen, which is also an excellent choice with lots of members.

The price can be a bit high though around $50 for a month, depending on how long you sign up for.

Of course, getting on a plane to Sweden is probably a good idea, but if you’re looking to do some online dating on your trip, here are the best options: Dating giant has a large presence in Sweden, where it is among the top 3 largest dating sites.

This is unlike neighboring countries Denmark and Norway where local dating sites dominate the market.

e Darling is a dating site focused on personality testing and personality matching.

It takes quite a long time to get set up here and the price is rather steep.If you’re familiar with Match or already have a dating account here, then Match is an excellent choice.Match gets a full 5/5 score on swedish review site Other than that, the site is clean, easy to use and has all the functionality you would expect from a modern dating site.Dating app Tinder is also hugely popular in Sweden like everywhere else and likewise, it is mostly popular with the younger crowd, say 18-30.The site advertises heavily towards an older more affluent crowd or those who want to meet them.

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