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The addition of loft insulation reduced the level to 50 decibels, and replacing double-glazing with triple-glazing further reduced the levels to 45 decibels.

Mr Paterson spent more than £3,000 of his own money into work carried out on one of his constituent’s homes, funding a triple-glazing unit and loft insulation.

Before the work was carried out, noise levels in the bedroom reached the new 63 decibels qualifying level.

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By the late 19th century, it had become densely populated and adversely affected by local industrialisation.

Many people lived there because their jobs provided worker housing and they could not afford their own.He was assisted by sound engineer Ruben Mc Lean, who gave his services for free to test noise levels. Mr Paterson said: “I’m incredibly grateful to the couple that allowed me to use their home, to Ruben Mc Lean for putting me right on everything to do with sound, and to the locals who supported our efforts. It is claimed that upgrading double glazing to triple glazing further cut the noise to 45d B (as long as no window opened …..and still deafening in the garden ….) The assistance packages, worth around £10,000 per home, will be used to help pay for triple glazing and loft insulation.Poor sanitation and poverty contributed to problems.

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