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Ralph called in a short time later and told Howard that he could have gotten Heather Locklear years ago but he backed out of doing that because he didn't want to hurt his friend Richie Sambora.Howard said he has a code and he would never screw with his friends like that.Howard told him he could come in if he gets his wife to get topless up there in the studio.

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An Animated Series about a super-intelligent, genetically-altered lab mouse who enlists his halfwit roommate (read: the other mouse in his cage) into his endless quest to take over the world. We must return to the lab and prepare for tomorrow night.

Each episode saw The Brain devise an elaborate, improbable scheme for world domination, only be foiled in the end due to some unforeseeable twist of fate, or occasionally his own blundering arrogance.

He was talking about how perfect her hair, boobs and everything else were. am During Robin's news Howard read some e-mail about the Blue Iris Sybian ride.

He had Robin start her news a short time after that. He said that a lot of people hated it but there was some positive feedback about it.

However, this did tend to remove it uncomfortably far, at times, from the notion of world domination — one can imagine the writers scratching their heads and trying to figure out how writing a Broadway musical could possibly help The Brain take over the planet (ultimately, most of the later plots are money-making schemes meant to the next scheme).

Though it should be noted that due to said mature humor, the WB actually gave the show a primetime slot for a time during their Sunday Night runs.

Howard and Robin picked story number 3 as the fake one. They had a picture of Carmen Electra riding the Sybian on the front page of the site.

Howard wrapped up with mike and went to commercial break after that. Doug said it would take a while to set that up but it could be done.

Doug was saying that they know of another web site out there that has the PDT (SIRIUS scroll) running on their web site.

They're looking into doing that with Howard's web site as well.

am Howard came back from break and asked Doug Herwitt, who runs his web site, if they could put some video up on his web site so they could show some of what goes on each day on the show.

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