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EU Blue Card holders are eligible to get the permanent settlement permit after 33 months, then again if proofing that they fulfil the language requirement B1 (Common European Reference Framework for Languages) this residence permit can be obtained earlier, after only 21 months.

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Getting a gainful employment in Germany involves holding a work permit, as an authorising document giving the permit to become part of the German labour market.

In the way of gaining a work permit, holding a residence permit is a compulsion, as an authorising document permitting to reside in Germany.

Cases of not having a recognised qualification, the authority for qualification recognition may possibly ask the candidate to get some added training education or practice in Germany to become an eligible applicant for residence and work permit.

In such case, the candidate is eligible to require limited residence permit under the intention of becoming an eligible residence and a work permit holder.

Non-EU nationals which hold professional qualifications are also eligible to apply for residence and work permit in Germany.

Aspirants of this category can only require a residence and work permit if their qualification is recognised by the Federal State and over, only if they can also prove being awarded with a sound work contract related to its qualification.

The visa application should be accurate and related to the purpose of the stay.

The short-stay visa cannot be changed into permanent residence visa, so it is very important applying for the correct visa.

This is the only category that can enter Germany without visa and take the residence and work permit before being employed.

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