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136Article Brief Description: Frequently Asked Questions about i Tunes 12NOTE: i Tunes 12 is a major upgrade to i Tunes and some things have changed dramatically. Now drag and drop the track onto the Playlist of your choice. By default it is no longer visible – you can bring it back via View menu Show Status Bar. Yes, the "Automatically download album artwork" preference is now under the 'Store' tab (it was originally under the 'General' tab). "Show Duplicate Items" is now found on the 'View' menu (it was originally under the 'File' menu). i Tunes in the Cloud items appear by default so you may see items duplicated in your Library list – you can turn this off via View menu Show/Hide items in the cloud. No, "Downloads" is no longer available in the Sidebar list on the left – it is, however, now available from a button in the top right of the window (only visible when downloads are actually active – similar to the way it works in the new Safari). Searches now search across your entire library including different media – to get the old way back click the search menu's spyglass icon on the left and untick the "Search Entire Library" option from the pop-up menu. You should also read the After Upgrading From i Tunes 12.0.0-12.3.3 FAQ below A. It's only available in some views but when it is available it can be toggled on/off by using View menu Show/Hide Sidebar. Once you have selected your device, as normal, device information will be shown on the right and synchronisation options will appear as a list on the left in the Sidebar. Apple TVs will appear as an icon to the right of the content management pop-up menu in the top left of the main i Tunes window. All usual syncing except apps and ringtones still exists for Mac users. Always make a full backup before trying to replace i Tunes 12.If you are upgrading from i Tunes 11 or earlier I strongly suggest you read the pages at Apple's web site and all of this FAQ before upgrading/installing this version of i Tunes. You should also read the After Upgrading From i Tunes 11 FAQ below A. Go to View menu the Check For Updates/Update All Apps button is now in the bottom right. (in i Tunes 12.7 and later) The Apps option has been removed from i Tunes. If you have more than one device connected clicking on the device icon will reveal a device menu which you can select your device from. Use Sound Settings on your i OS device instead - requires i OS 11 or later. You can manually drag and drop/add items from your computer to your i OS device using i Tunes: See the bottom of this Apple Support article. i Tunes now has a "File Sharing" option under your i OS device in the sidebar on the left. First remove i Tunes 12 using the instructions in our how to remove i Tunes article.Click Edit in the sidebar to show or hide Internet Radio.

i Tunes can be used to buy, download and manage music, podcasts, videos, books, audiobooks and other media content, aswell as purchase apps for your Apple devices.

The downloaded content can be played in any devices that are compatible with i Tunes, including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

The only way to get the latest version installed consistently is to manually uninstall everything, reboot, then run the installer.

First, have you installed all the Microsoft security updates to Windows 7 using Windows Update? Also, have you tried disabling (or "snoozing") your anti-virus software for the time it takes to run the i Tunes installer?

If either of these files become corrupted or contain errors, Tune Up may experience issues when performing its processes.

Please follow the instructions to try rebuilding your music library:1.) Quit i Tunes2.) Locate your i Tunes folder (this is the folder that contains the i Tunes Library and i Tunes files). (This is your back up copy and should be kept until the process has fully completed and verified)5.) Open i Tunes This process forces i Tunes to create a new, fresh copy of your i Tunes XML file. If you are still experiencing issues or if i Tunes does not re-create the i Tunes XML automatically, please read the following Apple discussion.This meant that the user didn't need to go through external browsers, download the files they wanted, and then load them into the player: something we take for granted now.i Tunes enables you to organize and play your libraries of music, and operates as a platform aswell enabling you to buy more. This program is a huge part of the company’s success story: a company that still continues to be highly successful and constantly growing.i Tunes was the pioneer in incorporating a store for media within the player itself.Apple has updated i Tunes to focus on music, movies, TV shows, podcasts and audiobooks. i Tunes U collections are now part of the Apple Podcasts family ("i Tunes U" has been removed from the i Tunes sidebar).

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