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If the generator happens to be offline, and no one else is around, grab a repair tool and fix the generator.

If a Technician is available you would be more helpful defending them while they repair.

In addition, the Technician's Turrets, Sentinel's Drop Jammer, and Doombringer's Force Field all shut down.

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The Doombringer is also proficient in defending by putting up Force Fields over the generator room entrances and laying Mines.

Your team's Technicians will be glad to have your firepower in the generator room as well.

It keeps all of the base equipment online including: Inventory Stations, Vehicle Pads, Base Turrets, and Radar Sensors.

When a team's generator is destroyed these assets go offline, and an automatic message informs both teams.

The other side of the argument is that it is difficult to defend the flag when the generator is offline as deployables stop functioning and defenders cannot re-arm at Inventory Stations.

The former argument tends to be common among more experienced players while the latter often comes from newer players.Light Turrets are great tools for base defense, they can quickly shoot down enemies that are not expecting them, and help the technician to deal with intruders by making the fight more of a 2 on 1 in their favor.The Improved Repair Tool allows the Technician to quickly repair the generator in the event that it is destroyed.A generator will take 20% more damage from an explosive weapon (other than spinfusor), but 25% less damage from a bullet weapon.The best choices for generator removal are the Raider's Arx Buster and the Infiltrator's Sticky Grenades.The Generator starts with 6000 health and an auto-repair time of minutes.

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