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"I don't think people have a different understanding of high-level business objectives, but the IT department wants to ensure systems [are reliable], which can take a long time, whereas the marketing department generally wants something done quickly." One of his website staff had marketing skills, which helped when working with the marketing team.

Sharing goals Bridging the divide between IT and marketing is not easy.

"IT tends to be more rigid and serious, but slower," he says.

"When I became IT director for a part of BAE Systems, I worked to build bridges between IT and marketing," he says.

Grundy had previously worked in start-ups where it was necessary to get technology up and running quickly, such as putting a web server online, but IT was slowing the business down.

"If the culture does not fit, you have to win the trust of the executives.

Make sure people are aware of your accountability and what you can add to the equation.

The consumerisation of IT shows that applications can have a much simpler scope and shorter lifespan - perhaps just a few days or weeks of a marketing campaign.

Wayne Grundy, CIO of defence contractor Raytheon, has experienced both sides of the IT and marketing divide.

Windows Mobile users can also connect through their IE browser.

The problem is, marketing uses lots of IT, including enterprise systems such as customer relationship management (CRM) and data warehouses.

The IT department has been good at providing large-scale projects to support marketing activities, but is unable to keep pace with the relentless speed of change required by ever-changing marketing campaigns, such as targeting consumers with mobile apps for smartphones.

Speaking at a recent Vodafone Global Enterprise conference, Nicholas Mc Quire, research director for Europe in enterprise mobility at analyst IDC, said customer-facing mobile apps are a priority for many businesses, forcing some marketing departments to hire external app designers to develop products, thereby "flying under the radar of the IT department" and bypassing IT governance.

Jan Peter de Valk, chief information officer (CIO) at DHL, says this is the main barrier between IT and marketing.

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