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You do not need to download an app to use Pop Tox as long as you have internet connection and a standard modern web browser such as Chrome or Opera.

Yes, we currently limit the number and duration of free calls that can be made in a single day.

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This is because international calls cost us money and we can only offer so many free calls every day.

You can make unlimited calls if you like our service by registering and adding money to your account.

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With Pop Tox, there is no need to download any app or plug-in.

You can now call via internet as long as you have a modern web browser such as Chrome.

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Usually, to send a text from PC to cell phones or other mobile devices you need to know your recipient's wireless carrier, and in most cases, you don't. Using the form on the left, select your country, enter the phone number and click: Transcript With Open Texting you can send text messages from the web to any phone number, for free! Choose your recipient’s country and service provider.

The first step to making free calls is to open your web browser and go to

Pop Enter Phone Number Once you are on Pop Tox home page, you will see a dialpad.

You can make unlimited calls by becoming a user and paying one of the world’s lowest calling rates. You can use a variety of different apps to call for free but keep in mind that those apps only let you call users who have the same app installed on their computer or smartphone. Pop Tox is the only web browser based application that lets users make free internet calls to mobile phones.

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