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And here lies the disconnect: if a man is supposed to be the head of the home, why is the woman responsible for the faith drive of the family?

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Sex dating chating with aunty

1: Spirit filled and prayerful 2: Altruistic and selfless 3: Loving unconditionally 4: Liberal in the action he pursues 5: Has a personal and ongoing relationship with his Spirit 6: Remains honest and trustworthy at all times 7: Maintains a connection/fellowship with members of his faith.

These traits paint a picture of perfection and this is why they exist only in fairy tales.

The man is reminded that he is the head of the home as ordained by God.

The woman is then reminded of her responsibility to make sure the wind of faith never ebbs in the home.

Some of my female friends who are Muslims complain about how they have to continuously urge their spouses to fast during Ramadan.

The wives frown at the consumption of alcohol and other vices that contravene the Islamic laws.

First, her friends pray for her that she finds happiness with the person she has chosen.

Then, her mother, sisters and aunties uphold her spiritually.

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