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I guess it’s changing going on the last few years of movies but Damn there are a lot of British running through Hollywood according to the family trees.

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Log in to Reply I find it really strange that so many people think they have Irish ancestry and when checked they don’t!

Since I’ve been on this site quite a few people that were self stated as having Irish descent turn out to not.

Paul was the son of Cheryl (Crabtree), a model, and Paul William Walker, a contractor and boxer who was a Golden Gloves champion. Paul was of mostly English ancestry, with a smaller amount of German roots, and distant Swiss-German ancestry.

His ancestry included (relatively) recent immigrants from England and Germany, as well as English roots from ancestors who had long lived in New England, and elsewhere in the United States. Paul’s paternal grandfather had a boxing career as “Irish” Billie Walker, but it does not seem that he had any Irish ancestry.

Paul’s maternal grandfather was George Milton Crabtree (the daughter of Louis F. Paul’s maternal grandmother was Viola Annalea/Ann Smith (the daughter of Lester Orville Smith and Hazel Clarinda Mitchell).

Lester was the son of George Wesley Smith and Frances Ellen Newman.Birth Name: Paul William Walker IV Date of Birth: September 12, 1973 Place of Birth: Glendale, Los Angeles, California, United States Date of Death: November 30, 2013 Place of Death: Valencia, Santa Clarita, California Ethnicity: English (mostly), some German, distant Swiss-German Paul Walker was an American actor.He was known for starring in the highly successful franchise, among many other roles.A lot of people haven’t researched their ancestry to a great extent.I don’t think people are deliberately lying but just misinformed.Even the people that say they are part Native American really believe they are because this is what they have been told by their families.

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