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For women who have been given distressing news about their baby during the scan, there should be a health professional available to provide immediate support.

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We were shocked since we had a scan at 16 weeks that showed a healthy active baby.

I just can't wait to get the anatomy scan over with. My second daughter @ her 20wk she ultrasound she was diagonsed with Single artery umblicord.....which everything turn out great execpt she was really small in weight...

Usually, sonographers will ask a senior sonographer colleague to confirm findings and this should be done immediately.

If an abnormality is confirmed or suspected, referral is usually required, although some obvious major fetal abnormalities, such as anencephaly, may not require a second opinion (this should be decided by local guidelines).

And she started getting quite aggressive towards me and kind of in her, the way she was talking to me, and I kind of got a bit upset about this and said, 'Look, you know, I want you to do an internal scan, and if you can't see the baby properly I'm happy for you to do that. And my mum wasn't actually in the room at the time because you, they only, the hospital only allow you to have one person in the room with you at the time.

And mum obviously saw us coming out crying and assumed the worst.

An appointment should be arranged as soon as possible and ideally within three working days.

The more I think about it, the more nervous I am about the anatomy scan. and during the other one we got very scary and confusing news, and we were devastated.

It's on the 16th and I'm praying for only good news.

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