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When prospective tenants view units, be sure to draw the blinds and curtains and turn on all of the lights.The bright atmosphere should attract renters and keep current tenants satisfied with their living spaces.

Consider the current cabinets, countertops, flooring and hardware before purchasing appliances to maintain a unified decor throughout the space. When they move into units where the walls aren’t freshly painted, carpets are stained or the blinds are damaged, they feel like they’re living in someone else’s space. Landlords who properly patch nail holes, repaint, shampoo carpets, replace bent blinds and torn window screens are more likely to retain their tenants.

Landlords should deeply clean each unit between tenants, replace air filters, sanitize appliances, pull down cobwebs and spruce up curb appeal.

So, how do landlords draw the best tenants and retain their business?

Here are four property upgrades that appeal to renters to increase retention and profitability.

It’s long-lasting but susceptible to moisture and scratches.

Bamboo floors are recyclable and appeal to followers of the sustainability movement.

By Tali Wee of Zillow Rents are rising across the United States, making investment properties lucrative opportunities for landlords.

The competitive rental market makes higher rents possible, but also causes landlords to compete with neighboring properties for the best tenants.

Lastly, provide plenty of outlets for tenants to add lamps wherever necessary.

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