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Cherlyn PS: This answer is part of a paid course on healing that I have on my site.

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And yes, the fear of getting hurt again really has the exact same basis as losing a pet and thinking of never getting another one again. If only we could find the kind of love that doesn’t hurt, we would open our hearts. A life where you’re so scared to trust again, you never can just... When we don’t open up our hearts, when we avoid or numb the hurt, we numb everything good that goes along with the hurt. We can’t choose to numb the bad shit and also not numb the good shit. Then after a year, send me an email, and let me know about your happiness levels.

The thing is, this instinct of self-preservation, though needed for survival, can prevent us from ever living an authentic, happy life. But even if you tried, you won’t be able to find that kind of love. Because our emotions absolutely do not work that way. Because to love means that you have to be vulnerable. And that terrifies us.“What if I open my heart up and I get hurt again? Right now, in asking how to stop loving, you’re also asking how to numb out all the GOOD shit that happened in your life. I’ll even give you a lollipop and everything (yes I know, I’m being a bit of an ass here). Vulnerability is about being able to dive into things without worrying about how it will turn out.

What you’re trying to do is make something that just doesn’t work, work. Dr Brené Brown, after 10 years of research about vulnerability, has this to say:“There was only one variable that separated the people who have a strong sense of love and belonging and the people who really struggle for it.

And that was, the people who have a strong sense of love and belong believe they’re worthy of love and belonging. They believe they’re worthy."And what do these people, these lovely, lovely people who allowed themselves to be worthy, have in common? Or rather, the courage to be imperfect the ability to fully embrace vulnerability.

It is also based on working with many people in my relationship counselling practice ( that I run with my wife, who is also a qualified therapist.

With that healing came an awareness that limerence touches many aspects of relationships, be it romantic, with friends, family or work colleagues.On Movies To you can watch Polyamory: Married & Dating online with subtitles or in original.Watch Polyamory: Married & Dating Movie Full Online Free.The forum (click here to go the forum) offers a safe place that offers non-judgemental mutual support.You will find genuine and sincere advice for those impacted and seeking recovery.Please configure your security software or browser plugins to allow to load Java Script.

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