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This information will help you to determine if government funding grants are available to you or to someone you know and help pay for the expense of costly renovations and equipment that is needed to achieve accessibility, safety and comfort at home.

If you don’t live in our service area, don’t worry – simply email me with your city, or state with Home Modifications in the subject line, and I will reply with a direction down the right path to an accessibility specialist in your area.

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The little church you have pictured in the Rosseau to Orrville section I always thought was in Bear Cave.

(which it is)We have snowmobiled there many times and used the church's open door to warm up on cold days. Tracy M., Windsor, Ontario.(Thank you to: Karen patient of Township of Seguin for correcting my notes) One of the first buildings you will see in Orrville is Campbell's blacksmith shop.

The warrant was granted and the Lodge building was begun in 1870 on what was the Parry Sound Road, now Highway 141.

It was completed in 1871 and was used rented as a public hall until the Rosseau Memorial Hall was built in 1924. Anne Stevens, Member of the Rosseau Historical Society To contact the writer click on the" name" Anne ROSSEAU TO ORRVILLE Leave Rosseau along Hwy. After 1 km or so, just past a small municipal cemetery on the left, you will come to an intersection with an unnumbered gravel road.

Magnetawan, halfway along the route, has gas stations, shops, restaurants, and accommodations, but after that there is nothing until you reach Nipissing. Some stretches are wide and well kept; others are little more than two ruts plunging into dark woods, much as the pioneers might remember it. If you are an artist or photographer, the empty cabins and log barns offer unusual and rugged images.

An explorer or collector will find empty cellar holes and vanished village sites to replenish their supply of old bottles or square nails. It was once home to many settlements of hopeful pioneers, now is guarded by their abandoned log cabins and weathered barns.The road runs through the centre of the Parry Sound District between highways 69 and 11.But leave the metal detector at home, for most of what is abandoned is also heavily overgrown. If fishing is your love, there are a number of Trout Streams and good Bass and Walleye lakes along the route.The road/trail is excellent for the mountain bike enthusiast. A trail linking Canada from coast to coast to coast.Of the houses, stores, and churches that line the little town's few streets, most were built by pioneer labour and they still display their clapboard construction. When we first moved to the Village the population was comprised of mainly older families whose children had already grown.

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