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Project Avignon is trying to include the UCI in any process of change, preferring diplomacy and negotiation rather than conflict.However Tinkov is ready to take on the UCI if he comes under attack and fired a warning shot across their bow with a mix of bravado and aggression.It was a nice win but in my view it was a tainted win. I can't say that Roman Kreuziger is clean or not, that's not really the issue here and also his problems happened before he joined my team, so it's nothing I could have controlled. I've paid him a million Euro this year but he couldn't perform at his best because he's been under pressure, getting letters from the UCI all the time and his mind was not at ease.

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Teams are allowed to see a rider's Biological Passport data if the rider gives their permission but the UCI does not give any formal guidance regarding riders, their blood values and possible suspicions of doping. "Our experts saw some changes in his Biological Passport but they were explained by Roman and by some experts, so we believed him. "The Biological Passport needs clear procedures, clear rules.

"The UCI registered our contract with Kreuziger but they knew he was under investigation. But the UCI is very tricky, they want us to stop him racing. "If they want to use the Biological Passport, they have to have clear criteria for it, with red zones where people are banned. They have it, they talk about it a lot, but they don’t know how to use it. Last year there was a rider, quite a famous rider, who we were considering for the team but we didn't sign him because our experts and our doctors looked at his Biological Passport data and thought there was something wrong with it, with irregularities in there.

He said some major team owners gathered at the five-star chateaux in Provence of BMC team owner Andy Rihs for lunch during the Tour de France.

He hinted he has the support of several other major teams in his fight against the UCI.

Oliver has been described as a Performance Coordinator by Team Sky and is a key link between the team management and the Spanish-speaking riders on the team.

He has been with Team Sky for several years, before his father became UCI President.I can guarantee 100% that I wouldn't get involved in that way, so it doesn't matter on the nationality of a team or a rider. I can’t say that's definitely the case because I can’t prove it.But I'm very suspicious and I have the right to be suspicious.Tinkov is ready to fight to make the UCI economically responsible for their actions and the consequences of their decisions.He hinted that he and other key stakeholders in cycling could be ready to revive plans for a breakaway structure for the sport, if the UCI fails to modernize how the sport is run and managed.Tinkov's suspicions are unfounded, with no evidence of any wrongdoing.

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