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Unlike in the '90s, each deal is being evaluated on its own merits." Google--which many thought would reignite the IPO market with its highly anticipated offering--may also be contributing to current stock launch woes, Peterson said.

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The list includes Claria, a maker of pop-up advertising software, which last week.

Each cited adverse market conditions as the basis of their decision.

They all used Internet chat rooms, where they found that regardless of what the topic of discussion was supposed to be, it always seemed to turn to matters of the heart. Success on One specialized site that has had particular success is, part of the Match Net network of dating sites, which has helped Jews from Los Angeles to Jerusalem find Jewish partners.

In cities like New York, the term JDate has come to be regarded as an obvious place for unattached Jews to look for mates.

And, Andrew says, every last one of his single friends in town is looking for love or friendship online.

Yet none of these people had joined, or even visited, an online dating service.

Bad news about unemployment and disappointing earnings reports from Cisco Systems and Hewlett-Packard may have also sapped enthusiasm for high-tech IPOs in recent days, he said.

Another analyst believes the cancellations reflect the high bar that investors have set for companies seeking to trade publicly.

Then there was the hard truth that being a woman in her 50s: she did not have an abundance of men writing to her.

When she finally worked up the nerve to reply to one man in Seattle, and then to take the extra leap of phoning him while on a trip to visit her mother, Tanners was sorely disappointed. Yet Tanners was resilient, and when she heard from her second JDate suitor, she had a good feeling right away.

Personally, Andrew is skeptical about going back to the Internet to find a date, but all around him, everyone is doing it.

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