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The CZ-6 found everything from jewelry to deep silver with ease.

When all the other companies were introducing digital target ID, nothing could stand up to the accuracy of the target ID on my CZ-6. Only issue I ever had with it was the meter did get "sticky".

I have been detecting for a few decades and wish I could tell you all the good points of the many detectors I have owned, but the bottom line is this, the CZ-3D just became my new favorite detector in my little collection of detectors.

Even with the CZ3d hitting on nails pretty hot it is still a joy to use. I have found silver dimes dating from 1916 and many relics.

I've owned many detectors from the Teknetics Omega 8000 to the Whites MXT Pro and the CZ3d is the one I am most comfortable and have more confidence in. I do hit a lot of nails but with the other machines I hit a lot of pulltabs.

Recently I purchased the CZ-3D and wanted to share with you a few points to ponder on. I found two tokens that have been passed over by many people for many years.

I currently own Tesoro, Garret and a whole bunch of Fisher detectors. I went to the most hunted out park to see what this machine could find. One token was at 9" and the other was at 5" Both these tokens were impressive finds.

I'll never sell my cz5, its one of the last true fishers.

I will welcome all bounty fishers to a challenge any day at my neck of the woods.Never liked the LCD of the CZ-7 nor was the performance as good IMHO.Getting back to the CZ-3D I thought I would be back to as good if not superior unit than my CZ-6.If you don't like digging deeper than don't buy this detector.I use other brands of detectors but will keep this in my arsenal.Considering the 5" token was very small token with a hole in the center and the 9" deep token was a very thin token made of brass. Sweep the x pattern and you can eliminate most of the junk.

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