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"In modern Kazakh families, matrimonial relations have shifted towards being more egalitarian.

While men used to be the undisputed 'masters', now managing the family is an equal task for both men and women.

During the Second World War, Kazakh women even fought in the Soviet Army alongside men, as for instance the prominent examples of Manshuk Mametova, Hiuaz Dospanova, Aliya Moldagulova. Promoting gender equality ​​In today's Kazakhstan, efforts are being made to ensure equal rights for both genders and to overcome old traditions and social stereotypes. Formally speaking; there are no professions and activities that are closed to modern Kazakh women.

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They still don't allow women to stand on an equal footing, and they resist the empowerment of women.

Kazakhstan is still a man's country, and some remnants of patriarchy are still powerful.

The only thing that is still free for the general public in today's Kazakhstan is secondary school education.

Many women are thus forced to stay at home with their children, out of economic necessity.

A non-native conservative Islam Next to a pseudo-emancipated Soviet legacy and the country's patriarchal traditions, female emancipation in Kazakhstan today faces yet another obstacle.

"Women and girls have always been held in high regard in Kazakh society," says Sarsembaeva of the Kazakh Association of Business Women." However, some people now want to legalize some tractates from the Koran as an excuse to meet their vulgar needs.Around 70 per cent of the Kazakhstan's population is Muslim.Islam first arrived to the southern edges of the region in the 8th century from Arabs.But the winds have shifted, and in recent years targets for women advancement have been put in place by Kazakh authorities.According to the national strategy for Gender Equality the aim is that by 2016, 30 per cent of Kazakh politicians should be women and by 2020, women's salaries should not be less than 80 per cent of men's.Although women have always played a central role in Kazakh society, they have only recently started to move more into traditionally male-dominated areas. In some regions, the rise of Islam is even placing new restrictions on women.

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