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Professional wrestler Kenn Doane, who was previously engaged to Mickie James, says that James was fired because of the way she dealt with the Cena situation backstage. Serves her well though.” The reason he adds that part at the end is because Doane says that while he was engaged to be married to Mickie James, he discovered that she had been cheating on him with John Cena.

Women’s Champion Mickie James has started her own blog on her WWE Fan Nation account.

She started off by answering a few frequently asked questions regarding Trish Stratus and John Cena.

She was also involved in several great feuds with Trish Stratus and Lita.

There was also a time that she had a brief relationship with Cena.

John Cena and Nikki Bella are now engaged to be married.

Cena and Bella have been together for about five years now, but who did Cena date before Bella?

In 2009, Mickie James was transferred from and the rumor was that this was because she was so upset about John Cena breaking up with her and she didn’t want to be on the same show as him.

In 2010, Mickie James was released from her WWE contract.

The next night on Raw Is War, Test and Albert joined forces as the tag team T & A, and Stratus began her first role in the company as their valet.

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