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Fortunately, as Sounders fans, we have the privilege to watch the Sounders play, which typically results in celebration rather than protest.Even if chanting and singing is present in other sports, in no other sport is it more prevalent than soccer.

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“It’s just loud and kind of in your face.”Players find the celebrations to be beneficial, and anyone who has been to section final can see that the crowd and players clearly feed off each other’s energy. Then again, can these entertaining cheers be a detriment to a sport that is constantly fighting to get some of their classmates who attend football and soccer games to attend their matches?

On the contrary, Sherwood said.“I don’t know if people are watching, but volleyball is by far the most exciting sport to watch,” said Sherwood, who has also coached softball and swimming.

In the same way that the chanting culture evolved over the world and as described above, it has evolved here in Seattle.

We have all gone to sounders matches, and when we do, we often want to communicate our feelings to the players on the field. We want to tell them to “come on score a goal”, they want to let the players know that Seattle soccer is about the Sounders by replying to a call of “Seattle” with an emphatic response of “Sounders!

By Greg Mockos It’s a simple, straightforward question and the answer can be simple: “because we love our Sounders!

” Great answer, but I want to dig even deeper and provide more context than the typical blinded-by-love answer above that you see incessantly on the forums or on blog comment threads.

Most teams have choreographed celebrations for when they get a kill. ZACCHIO: Superstitions are unorthodox, but effective ZACCHIO: Westchester (finally) has a boys volleyball team Regardless of their level of difficulty, the habits themselves always left me with one unanswered question: “Do teams spend time in practice actually working on this stuff?

”Ursuline head coach Gigi Kemp said she tells her team it’s up to them to work out their own cheers on their own time. It’s just a tradition, I guess.”The cheers are simple, and easy to pick up on, because they have to be.

In order to get more perspective I think the question needs to be expanded a little bit and changed to: “why does a group of individuals feel compelled to sing songs at a sporting event? It’s a rather odd phenomenon when compared to most social gatherings.

It is something that is rather unique to sports in general, but it happens in society quite often mostly in the form of rallies or protests.

” That is the essence of why supporters chant and why we chant at Sounders matches.

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