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Well gang, sorry it took so long to get back to you but we are back.I must say that using this service got us over the hump as a fiancee visa attempt by myself failed and came to rapid visa which made sure all the I's and t's were dotted and crossed.My fiance was approved we could not have done this without rapid visa everyone there always answered my many questions.

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We decided to try it out and everything just went smoothly after. We started from K1-Fiancee Visa to the Green Card processing.

No hassle and not stressful, every questions was answered! And now I got my Green Card after passing my last interview, last Nov 2017. We decided to give Rapid Visa a shot when we were looking for help with our K1 visa application.

My fiance visited the rapid visa offices in Cebu and Minila the people there were very helpful easing her mind making sure all of her documents were correct before her interview at embassy. Rapid visa has not only helped get my husband here but they are a wonderful company! They were so patient in all our questions when we were stumped with paperwork.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone trying to bring a fiancé or loved one from another country. I can't thank Rapid Visa enough with the great help they gave to us with processing a very stressful visa going to the U. My husband found Rapid Visa thru a co-worker's recommendation.

Thank you Rapid Visa, from the bottom of our hearts!

We couldn't make it with out rapid visa , started fiance visa in 2016 got married in 2017 and today my wife got her greencard already what an amazing agency very helpful always available when ever we need them with out rapid visa we could never done it and Beacuse Rapidvisa my wife is with me I want to thank everyone at rapid visa.

We highly recommend Rapid Visa, we were pleasantly surprised at the turnaround time from start to finish.

With Rapid Visa the entire process was extremely stress free.

Everything went very smoothly with the exception of a delay in medical testing waiting on test results during the visa process.

I can't say enough about how friendly and professional everyone was during both processes.

From the day the government received our documents (November 30, 2016) till the day they approved my husband’s visa (March 20, 2018) were the best moments ever!

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