High stakes dating

George: So Anyway, I started to compliment Elaine on her sketches and it turns out,they're Paula's. She had those nuts in her mouth , she just spit them out.

Justify was listed as the 4-5 morning-line favorite, which seems high after he was 2-5 in the Preakness.

But after winning the Preakness by only a half length, there is, at least, some sense of vulnerability.

They just relocate them , y'know what I mean, they're bug realtors is what they are. I'll think you'll be happy here , there's a lotta crumbs not much light, ahmmm they usually sleep through the night, so you'll really have a (? Nobody really cares about killing insects, even the animal rights people don't care. George: Jerry it's funny , Paula and I actually met because of Elaine.

You could probably walk into an animal rights organization meeting and hear a speech like; The only way to stop the cruelty of the scientific testing on animals is ( slaps his face)... Paula: Elaine is in my drawing class at the new school George: ..

But it really should not be an issue unless Justify breaks very poorly.

That no speed Free Drop Billy drew next door means Justify should have immediate room to maneuver.

He also passed the Preakness and almost certainly will run much better Saturday than he did on May 5.

Hofburg, a son of superstar sire Tapit, was listed as second choice at 9-2, even though he has won just one race.

George stops a passing busboy George: Excuse me just for a second.

You know the next stop is the stomach and you can take it from there.

Jerry: Hey , You think that Shelly's upset that I made such a big deal about the pecan.

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