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The game’s assault rifle is still a support weapon, only useful if you’re hanging back, helping a teammate take out someone.

“Any shake-up to this stagnant formula would have been welcome.

No series will ever see growth if it continues to sell to the same group of people.” I am going to use the example of Halo here to show just how befuddling Gears of War 4’s situation is.

Halo, too, is a franchise that always maintained a very specific feel in everything it does, its developers always had a certain way of doing things that stood clear from the rest.

Yet in every new iteration there was something there that would piss off a few and welcome many newcomers at the same time.

You either play by 2006’s outdated rules or you’re out.

There’s a modern coat of paint on top of the whole thing, of course, but none of it matters.It never lost its identity, and more importantly, it took risk after risk.I can’t say the same for Gears of War 4, and it saddens me.Playing the beta made me realise just how much of what’s there is the same it’s always been.You still start with the same weapons you had in older Gears games, a shotgun and the choice of one of two rifles.343 even added an aiming-down-sight-esque mechanic, a change that must have caused a few heart attacks for the truest fans, if message boards are to be believed.

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