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These include the Chinese miners who died building the Transcontinental Railroad, the Japanese Americans who endured their illegal imprisonment during World War II, and everyday Asian immigrant families who work tirelessly to improve their lives and build a future for their children. Do you get picked on because you're Asian Pacific American?Finally, I memorialize the sacrifices and suffering that many Asian Americans went through so that our community could unite and fight for their justice -- heroes such as Fred Korematsu and Vincent Chin. Have you been pressured by your friends to have sex? Hopefully, they'll give you honest, direct answers, and you'll know just the kinds of pressures facing the youth of today. Chances are, you might have a friend or know of someone who was adopted.

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May their legacy serve to inspire us for generations to come and may the lives of all those before me serve to illustrate the diversity and beauty of what it means to be Asian American. Every year, more and more children from Asia are being adopted by non-Asian families in the United States. Visit the Census Bureau's Web site, type in your city and state, and look up the most recent demographics of your area.

The Asia Society recently produced the following You Tube video that illustrates the different ways that various notable Asian Americans around the country identify as Asian American and what it means to them to claim that identity (they also have extended clips at their You Tube channel). Salinas, formerly of the Rainmaker Political Group LLC, and he suggests different ways of celebrating APA Heritage Month. Ask your friend about his or her experiences growing up: was it difficult growing up as an Asian Pacific American with Caucasian or African American parents? This is an excellent way to survey your surroundings and understand how the population is shifting. The book doesn't even need to be specifically about Asian Pacific Americans, as long as it's written by one. Ask yourself some basic questions: Do I really identify as an Asian Pacific American?

My inbox is open to all of you and any questions you may have can be submitted there or here.

This forum will be updated by me from time to time.

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Second, I'm proud to share in the accomplishments of all Asian Americans before me.

That includes those who are well-known and famous who worked to shatter the old myths and stereotypes against us, like Bruce Lee, members of the 442nd Regimental Unit in World War II, and Maxine Hong Kingston -- and those who remain relatively obscure in the realms of history but whose accomplishments are no less impressive and inspiring.

At the same time, we should also keep in mind what it is we're really celebrating.

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