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This lets you rewind to the moments immediately before a shot to see if you can capture a better image, which can be very helpful for folks who can’t stop taking blurry shots by accident I think it's safe to assume most people take their smartphone cameras for granted, despite the leaps and bounds made in pocketable picture-taking technology.Unfortunately a lot of the time our smartphones produce overly blurry....It looks like it might coincide with another of our shorts that is screening in a festival in LA early next year so hopefully a few of the team will go over. We’d like to set up some meetings, as myself and another director that is a part of the Late Nite Films family (Michael Shanks), have some ideas we wouldn’t mind shopping around but who knows.

NC: Ah this is a tricky one as I think there were a couple of really solid entries and they were all so different.

Particular mention go to Washington & France who both made very clever films with the drones as central characters.

Nick Colla: OK so the competition is called the Parrot Mini Drone Film Festival and is run by a French company that makes drones called Parrot in conjunction with 20th Century Fox.

Basically, 10 teams were selected from around the world (other teams were from the USA, France, UK, Germany, South Korea, Canada, Spain and South Africa) and Late Nite were given two types of drones made by Parrot.

I think going down that route we knew would either pay off or backfire and it seems to have paid off but was always a dicey decision.

I also think the way we utilised the drones was quite unique as we gave them a reason for existing/they had a use in this post apocalyptic world.

Next year we’re looking towards pushing some feature and TV ideas that we’ve had in the works for a while but at the moment we’re just taking it one step at a time.

The best camera is the one you have on you, but that doesn’t mean the default software is going to help you get the best pictures.

Our editor Chris Hocking did an amazing job of making everything fit and make sense in the required two-and-a-half minutes, especially considering to do so he had to cut out most of the story.

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