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It is built with VB6 and designed for work in Windows Operating system platform.

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You're looking for a cool chatting platform where you can date and meet other people?

You'd like to register immediately and for free without having to provide an email address?

Webcam Max can be used to modify a webcam image in a number of ways.

In this respect, the results may be streamed on messengers or saved as files.

I-Can-See-You lets you watch your home or office live from any computer with a webcam.

Its great for security purposes when your away from your home. This program can be used to chat with others using video and text.

Anfy Java is a tool that delivers 52 applets for web pages, blogs, or screensaver. River Past Cam Do supports a wide range of output formats.

This tool contains: cube menu, morph menu, tree menu, wheel menu, flozoids, IFS fractals, fireworks, hue rotator, lake, lens, snow, water, Zoom Rotator, Galaxy, tmap cube 3d, tunnel 3d, book flip, Cross Fade banner, mosaic banner, Anfy chat, Anfy cam, Anfy paint, fire, flag, text scroller, etc. It combines the traditional use of a webcam for video chat with the ability to share videos, images and Power Point presentations through your webcam.

Includes 41 applets for web pages, desktop wallpapers or screensaver.

Applets in Anfy: Cube Menu, Morph Menu, Tree Menu, Wheel Menu, Flozoids, IFS Fractals, Life2d, Mandelbrot fractal, Bumpmapping, Deform, Fireworks, Hue Rotator, Lake, Lens, Snow, Warp, Water, Wobbler, Zoom Rotator, Anfy 3d Light, Fluid, Galaxy, Tmap Cube 3d, Tunnel, Tunnel 3d, Voxel landscape, Wormhole, Book Flip, Cross Fade banner, Mosaic banner, Anfy Chat, Anfy Cam, Anfy Paint, Anfy Blobs, Blur Animator, Fire, Flag, Plasma, Solid Scroller, Text Scroller.

And even better if you want to watch your baby sitter while your out. The server hosts various video chat rooms that you can join.

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