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Keynotes: Thomas Dolby (musician), Jaron Lanier (computer scientist / father of virtual reality) Notable Speakers: Mark Hosler (Negativland), Andrew Busey (ichat), Charles Ostman (Mondo 2000), Mark Pauline (Survival Research Laboratories), Chris Romero (Radical Media), Douglas Rushkoff (Author) Notable Sessions: 834 Showcasing Artists 63 Panels, Workshops & Sessions 40 Venues & Stages Keynote Speaker: Nick Lowe Notable Speakers: Dust Brothers (producers), Gary Gersh (Capitol Records), Neil Strauss (The New York Times), Lloyd Doggett (U. congressman), Jonathan Demme (film director), Tony Wilson (In The City festival), Ray Wylie Hubbard (musician) Notable Showcasing Artists: Sonic Youth (New York NY), Buddy Guy (Chicago IL), Black Eyed Peas (Los Angeles CA), Rufus Wainwright (Montreal CANADA), …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead (Austin TX), Ian Mc Lagan & the Bump Band (Austin TX), Sean Lennon (New York NY), Billy Bragg (London UK), Queens of the Stone Age (Joshua Tree CA), Turbonegro (Oslo NORWAY), Handsome Boy Modeling School (San Francisco CA), Calexico (Tucson AZ), Semisonic (Minneapolis MN), Neko Case & The Sadies (Vancouver CANADA), Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire (Chicago IL), Reckless Kelly (Austin TX) Milestones: Native American Night Showcase Double trouble: Total film submissions grow from 638 to 1015.

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The bandana-wearing, über-geek Willie Nelson sings the praises of Microsoft during the closing party at the Austin Music Hall.

Keynotes: Todd Rundgren (musician), Richard Garriott (video game developer, astronaut & entrepreneur) Notable Speakers: Melinda Price (Monsterbit Media), Debbie Richards (ANIMATRIX Computer Arts), Mark Rolston (Virtual Studio), Joseph C.

John Hipple (Texas Center for Music and Medicine, University of North Texas) Notable Showcasing Artists: Carl Perkins (Nashville TN), Tony Bennett (New York NY), Jazz Passengers (featuring Debby Harry) (New York NY), Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips Parking Lot Experiment #4), of Montreal (Athens GA), Jonny Lang (Minneapolis MN), Buddy & Julie Miller (Nashville TN), Jimmy Eat World (Mesa AZ), Less Than Jake (Gainesville FL), Abra Moore (Austin TX), Derailers (Austin TX) Build it and they will come: The original Alamo Drafthouse on Colorado Street opens just in time for the screening of Neil La Bute’s (Steven Soderbergh) Notable Talent: Sandra Bullock, Brendan Fraser, Julianna Margulies, Bill Paxton, Kevin Smith, Quentin Tarantino, Forest Whitaker Negativland’s Mark Hosler discusses how yo U-2 can have fun and games with copyright.

To create positive vibes that will counter technical malfunctions on his laptop, Jaron Lanier encourages the audience to hum during his interactive Keynote presentation.

The SXSW group expected initial resistance from the locals, but it was quite the opposite. As hoped for, Austin’s charm won over the visitors, and SXSW took on a life of its own. For SXSW ’94, often remembered for the Johnny Cash keynote/performance, two new events – Interactive and Film – were introduced.

It would mark a fundamental shift in how the world viewed SXSW.

An Apple Macintosh computer with 128 kilobytes of RAM sold for ,500 (in 2015 dollars). That same year, a small group of people in Austin, Texas began a series of long discussions about the future of entertainment and media.

Music was the uniting factor, but the group had a catholic taste for art and ideas.

Email was called electronic mail and was used primarily by universities and the military. A fundamental opinion shared by the group was that the local creative and music communities were as talented as anywhere else on the planet, but were severely limited by a lack of exposure outside of Austin.

The meetings were in the offices of The Austin Chronicle, and participants were sworn to secrecy.

World premiere films included , while conference programming was highlighting by speakers Robert Rodriguez and Richard Linklater.

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