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Of the temperature dependent markers the most important is the ratio of 18O to 16O.

A major disadvantage of these types of dating is that they are extremely time consuming.

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These eruptions leave a distinct marker within the snow which washed the atmosphere.

We can then use recorded volcanic eruptions to calibrate the age of the ice-core.

This process is analagous to the counting of tree rings.

Once such markers of seasonal variations are found, they can be used to find the number of years that the ice-core accumulated over.

This process also depends on the relative temperatures of different years, which allows comparison with paleoclimatic data.

Thus, each annual layer starts 18O rich, becomes 18O poor, and ends up 18O rich.The major disadvantage of this method is that one must have a previously age-dated ice core to start with.In this method one compares certain inclusions in dated ocean cores with related inclusions found in the ice-core of a still undetermined age. Hyde has posted separately some of the relationships between ocean core data and their astronomical causes.The amount of "leakage" depends on the height of the ionosophere, which changes primarily in response to the Solar cycle, with periods of maximum solar activity corresponding to the highest extent of the ionosphere.It should be noted that the 10Be/9Be ratios for some ice cores have been compared with the known solar cycle and are in excellent agreement with what is known (accurately showing the time of the European Little Ice Age, which corresponded with a remarkably low amount of solar activity).The major disadvantages of this method are that one must compare different signatures of climatic change that correspond to the same event and that one is not certain of the lag times (if any) between oceanic reactions and glacial reactions to the same climatic changes.

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