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However, the use of nicknames is usually reserved for close friends.

Guyanese have a peculiar sense of humour and enjoy a good joke.

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However, when it comes to their tone of voice it appears to be loud and they are very direct. First names are usually used only among equals in informal settings.

When doing a favour for a Guyanese, do not expect a word of "Thank you" in return. It is seen as gauche for a junior to address a senior staff member by his/her first name in the workplace.

Sometimes their humour is misplaced and might cause inconvenience and even grief.

The visitor should never assume that his/her best interest is the primary concern of his/her host.

The visitor is the one who will be asked most of the questions and evasive answers are not usually enough.

The Guyanese male is keen on sports and even though cricket is the only organized team sports in the country, he would be able to recite the statistics of Michael Jordan or Muhammad Ali.

After all, the expat is supposed to know everything.

Caution is advised in the beginning as a word of a mistake would quickly spread through the community and Guyanese do not suffer fools gladly.

Although greeting colleagues is expected, there is no formal Guyanese greeting. Thus, deadlines are sometimes missed and reporting late for work and for meetings are not unusual occurrences.

Some managers go to the extreme of announcing a meeting for earlier than the real starting time just to make sure that everyone will be there by the time the meeting actually starts.

Family, work, nationality and place of origin are common and acceptable topics for conversations with Guyanese nationals.

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