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"The identification appears to go back to at least the 14th century, when a stone cross was erected in the ruler's memory in the abbey's churchyard.

These two belonged to the seventy disciples who were scattered by the offence of the word which Christ spoke, “Except a man eat my flesh, and drink my blood, he is not worthy of me.” But the one being induced to return to the Lord by Peter’s instrumentality, and the other by Paul’s, they were honored to preach that Gospel on account of which they also suffered martyrdom, the one being burned, and the other being crucified on an olive tree. the Support of Britain, for his great valour against the Picts and Scots, retired here [in Anglesey], and built his church at Llan Babo.

1723), who writes that "Pabo, frequently called Post Prydain, i.e.

The first author to record it is antiquarian Henry Rowlands (d.

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Many of the people depicted here, were Martyred in service to, and defense of, their ancestors - thus them. He fell ill with a fever and died in Lucca, in Tuscany, where he was buried in the church of San Frediano (founded by the Irish monk Frigidian).

Yet they show these ancient Blacks - Jesus included; and our memories of them, such disrespect and contempt, by depicting them differently than what they proudly were. Miracles were reported at his tomb and a cult of veneration grew up.

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