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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. I guess she just feels she made a mistake with marrying the wrong person. Could it be that connection she still has with her husband? I know some women personally who have never completely gotten out of one relationship or marriage until they had found someone else to be in their lives for whatever reason and have held onto the husband or partner in some way for a long time until they do find someone. Not to say things will not be great for you two, but be careful for you, her's and her kid's sakes.

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She quit her marriage four months ago and you two fell in love in the last two months.

He**, I did not want to live the single life when I was recently separated. Currently, they have a mutual agreement, but that's a whole other ball of wax here ll Ummm..... When you, at 35 years old, make juvenile and ridiculous comments like this, it only shows you have no idea what love is or what love isn`t ........ You know only what she told you and nothing is based on fact ..... I guess you can say she brought the kids over a friend's house to be honest, but it developed into more. She maintains she wouldnt have introduced me to them so soon unless she was sure of my intentions to be in it for the long haul. She's an amazing woman and I am actually very happy.vagabond...^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ahhh Nick ,, you are so worldly and wise! Perhaps OP, you do not feel that she is looking for a security blanket but she has small CHILDREN?

Just wanting what is best for the kids, don't forget they were in their Parents relationship too, and really don't/or shouldn't be subjected to more confusion. She does not want to do the bar scene because she has two kids, no money and if she qualifies for legal aid that means she has no visible means of supporting herself either. You are both in fear of her Ex and she is bringing the children around already?

Does that seem like a wise and responcible decision for a Mother who's kids that are about to have their lives turned inside out? It is new, it feels good and you are both lonely, but you are not in love.

On our 4th and 5th date he suddenly went very cold on me. He then informed me that he was going to see his wife to ‘sort things out and move on one way or the other’ and he hope I understood!

I was fine with that but, heard nothing for a few days so naturally I was a little anxious when he eventually text me.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Ok, here is my opinion and you won't like it, but when children are involved, I am going to say my piece. I really don;t believe she is seeking an instant security blanket. It answered the questioned for me when I asked her if this is what she really wanted considering she just left her husband.

The woman I'm dating (actually, we're in love) called her marriage quits about 4 months ago. This woman you are dating is not emotionally healed from anything and involving her children is just plain stupid. She is craving security and and safe place to fall. She told me she thought about this a great deal and whether or not to be single again, but as her and I discussed "it just happened". As for the hiding, I did I mention I told her I would rather she didn't tell her husband just yet and let some time pass by before that happens.

We began as friends on facebook shortly after that (within the last two months) we have fallen in love with each other. She should grow up, take responsibility for the choices she makes and tell her ex. This is advice I was given my family and friends about the situation as they figured it would be better off waiting before the ex knows about it so soon after their relaionship ended.

She wants to tell her exhusband we are dating, but I'm afraid he'll think we've been dating since before the separation. Does he have a say in it, no, but the respectful and healthy thing to do would be to tell him. To be honest she came to me today and said she's been wanting to tell him about us and that it bothers her. How long does the law allow before a divorce can be finalized? two cents.worth he was mentally abusive, and now he suspects someone else is in the picture?

He said he would text me when ‘his head was sorted’. I’ve had a few texts since but nothing to indicate that we are getting back together.

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