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Fran goes home, only to be rehired when Maxwell Sheiffield [the father] wants to give her another chance.

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A Star is Unborn Fran is hired by an amateur director to play Juliet in a reproduction of Romeo and Juliet.

Unbeknowst to her, the director is hoping for the play to fail so that he can do better on his taxes.

Fran decides to drop in on the discover that it is her teacher from years ago (guest star Rita Moreno) Fran trains Maggie for the test, and both fail horribly-but in the end, the teacher starts choking, and Fran saves her life in exchange for a passing grade! Jeff is now a playwright, and threatens to commit suicide unless Mr. Material Fran One of Fran's old high school friends sets her up with her husband's business partner to see how she likes someone who's loaded.

The idea would sound mighty fine if Fran's date wasn't so old!

Nick..appears to room with Maxwell at the hospital! Sheffield's childhood nanny (guest star Cloris Leachman) comes to town.

Maxwell recalls how strict she was, and fears that she will dislike Fran.

First Appearance of Ann Guilbert as Grandma Yetta Rosenberg My Fair Nanny Maxwell decides to throw a party to woo a wealthy woman to produce his play. Fran is tutored to be a socialite and manages to impress the ladies.

Fran jumps at the chance to plan a High Tea for mothers and daughters, but C. Unfortunately, Maggie reveals that none of the daughters are happy!

Fran goes to the Sheiffield's door selling cosmetics, but Niles the butler thinks she is the new nanny. Fran meets everybody in the household and Maggie Sheiffield, the oldest daughter, begins to bond with Fran.

There is a "party" and Fran takes the kids, only to be fired when Maggie is caught having her first kiss with the cater after the party.

His guess proves correct, and she quickly assumes power over the children, making them dress alike and work on strict schedules.

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