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Remember this: meaningful sex isn’t primarily about a particular (1 Corinthians 7:4; Ephesians –32) — and only in the God-appointed context of the marriage covenant.The sustaining benefit of sex in marriage is not the orgasm, but the committed intimate relationship.

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When you measure your lovability by trying to quantify your sexuality, you diminish your humanity.

What scares you is that you will come up short in your manhood or womanhood in marriage — that you will always be living in the shadow of your partner’s ex-partners — that your shortcomings and deficiencies will loom over you in the form of inexperience.

If they don’t enforce some comparison on you, do your best to accept that and move on.

To linger in paranoid indulgences about one’s shortcomings will corrode your soul and your relationship from the inside out.

If this topic has been especially painful or difficult for you, it might be helpful to commit to refrain from speaking about it except with an older couple or in premarital counseling.

The conversation should not mainly be about the issue of history, but of maturity.If your partner says, “I don’t think about my ex,” it really could be true.It would be a terrible violence to give someone’s past sins power over them that they didn’t previously have.For you and your marriage's sake, you need to process these emotions in a positive way. Now he can blame you rather than himself because your behavior has demonstrated that you're an unreasonable, uncontrolled person.For some reason, the modern sitcom seems to be the only venue that openly addresses the dark awkwardness of a dating partner’s sexual past.When you married, if you're like most couples, you made a vow pledging your faithfulness.

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