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Some 93% also said that they believed the cameras would help with the evidence gathering process, whilst 87% agreed that they would increase the chance of a conviction following an incident.Lead author Dr James Morgan, senior lecturer in Criminology BSc, said: Contrary to many assumptions regarding ‘cop culture,’ the officers surveyed and interviewed for this study were very progressive in their approaches to this new technology.

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The participants of this study wanted their own footage to counter negative portrayals of the police which might be found on social media, having their perspective and experiences better understood by the wider public.

Police officers were mainly positive about the technology, most notably in the hope it would reduce spurious complaints and give police the opportunity to show the pressures in which they work under.

Two reports have emerged this week that raise concerns about the effectiveness of the use of police body cameras during criminal proceedings, when used as part of evidence to improve the rate of convictions.

However, one of the pieces of research does point to overwhelming support from police officers for use of the technology.

The second report, carried out by researchers at London Metropolitan University, examines officers’ attitudes towards the technology over a two year period, during body camera trials with the City of London Police.

It also looked at the effectiveness of the technology in helping criminal proceedings.

The first report, released by civil liberties group, Big Brother Watch, which issued forces and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) with a number of freedom of information requests, found that 71% of forces have adopted the technology, with a total spend of £22,703,235 on 47,922 body worn cameras.

It notes that this is a huge increase from 2010 when the police said that they had spent £2.2million on 2,843 cameras.

However, it’s main criticism is that the investment that has been made in the technology, compounded with public commentary about its use as evidence in criminal proceedings, has not been validated by data.

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