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The sexuality of a Gemini woman is a special thing.Gemini representatives love to be naked in general, but it is not quite the same when a naked Gemini man walks around the house, and when it is a naked Gemini lady. When she feels right, she will simply make the first move.

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Aquarius men are free spirits, but they will commit once they have found someone to love.

That is when all of the loving expressions, heartfelt conversations and entertainment begins!

Although Gemini is not such an emotional sign, she is a woman first, and she will have deep emotions although she might approach them superficially.

Almost as if she doesn’t really understand how she feels.

If they truly love you they will stop at nothing to show you how much they care about you.

This includes bringing you hot soup when you have a cold or sending you flowers when you get a promotion at work.

However, if you do crave passion, cuddles and gestures of undying love, Aquarius men are perfect.

The Aquarius man is one of the most highly emotional signs of the zodiac and when he finds a woman to love he’ll do everything to keep her.

Love and marriage are not normally thought of as an all-in-one package for an Aquarius man.

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