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Princess Allura (Kimberly Brooks) gives each pilot access to a huge leonine robot, which could aid in the fight against an evil empire.

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Season 4 of Arrested Development reunited the dysfunctional Bluth family, as its middle son, Michael (Jason Bateman) tries to rein in his relatives' bizarre schemes.

There's a Fantastic Four parody, a reality show in a women's prison and even a murder mystery. While that reunion didn't hit the nail on the head, due to how its cast were spread unevenly through each episode, the fifth season did a better job.

Two seasons in on Netflix, The Crown is one of the service's most praised shows yet.

The series tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II, from her time as Princess Elizabeth and her 1947 wedding, to the present day.

Its second season added Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle, The Punisher, in a revenge-driven storyline that tested Matt Murdock's ability to trust other vigilantes.

Bernthal continued to sizzle in The Punisher's spinoff show."Females are strong as hell." That's the underlying theme of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and with Tina Fey as one of the writers and creators, it's not hard to see why.

Sense8 isn't just a trippy sci-fi drama from the Wachowski siblings; it's also one of the first sci-fi shows with a robust cast of LGBT characters.

The show follows eight characters from all around the world, each one dealing with his or her own personal problems.

The series got even stranger in its second season, adding new kids in town, crazier special effects and even Sean Astin. A reboot of the classic 1980s series, Voltron: Legendary Defender has it all: space battles, magical powers and giant robots.

Shiro (Josh Keaton) leads a team of young pilots from Earth as they get swept up in an intergalactic war.

When preteen Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) disappears, it's up to his friends, his family and a concerned sheriff to track him down.

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