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Chatbots also interact verbally with consumers, such as Cortana, Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.

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They’ll be using sight, sound, and feeling to process and understand these interactions, further blurring the lines between the digital sphere and the reality in which we are living.

Chatbots are one common example of conversational systems.

Primera Technology introduced the RX500 Color RFID Label & Tag Printer.

It utilizes the latest in ultra high-resolution color inkjet technology to produce labels and tags at speeds up to 2.5 in./sec (63.5mm) and up to 4.25 in. The 9000 Series of Pressure Sensitive Labeling Systems from ID Technology features the Model EPI-9230, a hybrid labeling system that features a full belt infeed conveyor and a split belt outfeed conveyor.

They can decipher verbal or written questions and provide responses with appropriate information or direction.

Many customers first experienced chatbots through dialogue boxes on company websites.

When we talk about conversational systems, we refer to a computer’s ability to understand the human voice and take action based on understanding what the user meant.

What’s more, these systems won’t be relying on voice and text alone.

The Alpha HSM label applicator from Weber Packaging Solutions is available in 10 different versions to fit most labeling applications. Afinia Label launched the L501 color label printer for durable applications.

(320-mm) label width versions and can keep up with line speeds up to 500 ft/min.

Chatbots are a very trendy example of conversational systems that can maintain a conversation with a user in natural language, understand the user’s intent and send responses based on the organization’s business rules and data.

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