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What might have worked for them won’t always be the case for you, and sometimes it’s just a terrible idea that’s going to achieve the opposite effect of what you want.Here’s the advice to watch out for (and do the exact opposite).However there should be a line drawn – if the other person thinks you’re exclusively dating, I’d advise against leading them on or lying about that. If multiple dates means a new date every single night of the week, you’ll be so exhausted you won’t have the energy if the perfect date does come along.

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This is dumb – regardless of what number they give you.

Sure, you can benefit from waiting longer and getting to know each other’s bodies better, but also who cares if you have sex on the first date if you want to.

The fear of rejection is daunting, but not as bad as the feeling of missing your chance.

Acting like you’re too cool isn’t the way to someone’s heart.

But if you are eager to go out with someone, it isn’t something you should have to hide.

More annoying is when it’s said to women because it’s the “guy’s job” to make the first move. If you want to date someone, don’t just wait around for them to ask.

You probs don’t want to be all “I want to have your babies” on the first date, but maybe drop the cool act if, in reality, you actually have no chill.

If you hide behind this nonchalant visage, you won’t actually get to show your true self.

Organising a date at a bar is casual, low-committal and means you can bail early if it’s going terribly wrong.

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