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Explore the exhibit onlinek the City is made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Major support is provided by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Alstom.

celebrates the beloved program that has delighted subway and bus riders with its selection of short, stimulating verses from a variety of published poets since 1992 when it first displayed an excerpt from Walt Whitman’s “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry.” With support from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the Poetry in Motion program has presented more than 200 poems to millions of subway and bus riders, offering a moment of respite to commuters during their busy day.

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Moving the Millions highlights the evolution of the subway and the major issues and events that influenced the development of the largest transportation network in North America.

Home to twenty vintage subway and elevated cars dating back to 1907, and a working signal tower, the Museum’s working platform level spans a full city block.

The Big Apple is often as important as the people (and creatures) in comics narratives, and the creators of these fantastic stories draw inspiration from the world around them.

The transit system serves as the scene for heroic rescues, as secret lairs for supervillains, and as the site for epic battles of wills.

Subways, railroads, streetcars, and buses can whisk heroes to far-flung corners of the city, or serve as a rogue’s gallery of unusual characters.

A new exhibit offering a unique perspective on the vital, often unseen, work of New York’s transit employees.The Museum’s exhibit at Grand Central Terminal features a broad range of the original Poetry in Motion car cards that have appeared in the New York City Transit system over the last twenty-five years.Presented by: New York’s rich visual vernacular is a colorful setting for illustrated stories, so it comes as no surprise that our iconic transportation system plays a starring role in comics and graphic novels.Additional support is provided by Interactive Elements Incorporated, Steven J.Vaccaro, Aksia LLC, di Domenico Partners LLP, and Joseph and Tamra Lhota.Steel, Stone & Backbone: Building New York’s Subways presents a look at the construction methods and labor required to build the city’s first subway line at the turn of the 20th Century.

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